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About Us

soccerpet.com analyzes and independently innovates core algorithms based on the football big data of more than 200 leagues in the past 15 years, uses computer artificial intelligence deep learning and other technologies to conduct in-depth mining and analysis of ball game data. We are committed to providing users with Exclusive football data analysis and statistics and accurate match prediction services.

For each possible outcome a probability is calculated and therefore the prediction is the outcome with the highest probability. Those probabilities are calculated by a complex mathematical algorithm working on the football Big Data. The process is quite large and various data mining techniques are used for the final predictions to be calculated. The Predictive analytics combines techniques such as statistical modeling, machine learning, data mining that analyze current and historical data to make predictions.

If you are looking for reliable football match prediction products, then you have come to the right place, soccerpet.com is an artifact that allows you to win easily! On soccerpet.com, you can track the real-time score of the game and check the game situation, such as field goals, assists, yellow cards/red cards, historical games and future schedules, etc.; our prediction page provides you with a series of football prediction recommendations and big Data analysis and prediction conclusions are presented in the form of probability, which is intuitive and clear; the data analysis page will take you to the in-depth statistics of the game, including historical team battle data, recent records, team lineup and latest intelligence analysis. This valuable information can undoubtedly help the wise you make the most suitable profit strategy for you.

Whether you are a bronze just entering this industry, or a king who continues to make money over time, we can help you. The goal of soccerpet.com is to become a large-scale football portal to help all football fans, where you can find all the information you need to make a successful football prediction.

Note: soccerpet.com only provides football match data analysis and intelligent prediction, soccerpet.com does not support any form of match betting and gambling! soccerpet.com does not recommend any third-party gambling or betting sites.We do not promote gambling. Please pay attention to the dangers of addictive and compulsive gambling. We have joined the National Responsible Gambling Program.
If you encounter problems, you can contact us through the following ways:
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