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VIP-customized discounts, all the AI predictions, and vast picks of experienced experts are privided to enhance the probability to win!

AI Predictions
Expert Picks
Distribution of Expert Picks
Highlight Noble Status
Exclusive customer service
Exclusive Expert stats
All free
3 free picks/day
1 free game/week

$ 29.99/ week

$ 79.99/ month

All free
6 free picks/day
All free

$ 159.99/ month

$ 299.99/3 months

8 coins/game
0~186 coins/game

$ 9.90/120

$ 19.90/260

$ 59.90/820

$ 179.90/2600

$ 359.99/5700

Introductions to membership privileges

  • AI Predictions

    All AI predictions are available for free to members of all levels. Mass worldwide popular matches which is up to 1,000 matches per month are showed for you to view.
  • Senior: 6 picks/day

    Expert Picks

    Memberships are entitled to view free gift picks every day: General membership 3 picks/day, which values at least 2600 coins/month; Senior membership 6 picks/day, which values at least 5000 coins/day. The higher level membership you subscribe, the larger discount you will get!
  • For Senior ONLY

    Distribution of Expert Picks

    Distribution of Expert Picks is an exclusive privilege for senior memberships. This function counts all the expert picks of certain selected popular matches and displays data which shows experts’ predicting trends to senior members for reference.
  • For Senior ONLY

    Comprehensive Data Report

    Soccerpet will send you a report to your email box which includes stats of AI predictions and expert picks, recommendation of top experts, hot matches preview and so on. This report will help you keep track of experts and matches, so as to improve the probability of win!
  • Highlight Noble Status

    Highlight noble status in Discover when you post or comment makes you quite special!
  • For Senior ONLY

    Exclusive Customer Service

    Senior memberships enjoy 24 hours exclusive customer service


1. Number of free expert picks for VIP shall be updated at 24:00 per day.

2. General memberships will get a gift Distribution of Expert Picks every week through email.

3.Coins cannot be withdrawn or refunded after recharging.

4.Your transaction may take longer time due to bad network or other factors, waiting in patience is required, please.

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Coins are used to purchase AI prediction and expert pick. 'Refundable if fails' applys to all AI predictions and part of the expert picks.

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